New Blogger On The Block…


Hey! I’m Marquita & welcome to my blog. I FINALLY decided to go ahead and just make a blog after procrastinating for about five years. I’ve had this idea nesting in my mind for so long that I literally felt like I already had the blog, just not visible for anyone else to see. I am a big lover of style and needed a way to get this creative energy out of me, in other words I needed an outlet. When I originally thought to make a blog (many moons ago) blogging was somewhat of a foreign thing to me. I had recently made an Instagram page and was introduced to blogging (specifically fashion blogging) through the ever so growing app. Since then I have studied and read so many blogs over the years taking mental notes and curating my own blog (in my head of course) until I built up the confidence to start my very own. I got sick of saying to myself, “I could totally do that” and just did it. What’s the worse that could happen, right? 

With the internet being filled with thousands of fashion blogs I needed a way to stand out. I needed a way to be seen in such a large community of creatives. Honestly speaking the industry is a bit over saturated BUT I do believe that there is enough room for everyone. Yes there are 234,678 other blogs on the net but none of them are you. I let the idea of being overseen by the larger brands/bloggers kind of hold me back for a very long time, thankfully those days are done. I thought my pictures had to be perfect, my site needed to be professionally made and I had to have at least 50 subscribers right away to even start a blog. WRONG lol Here at Storiesxstyle I want to feed my creative appetite while sharing stories and obviously style with you guys. I want to inspire, create, relate and even tell a joke here & there (I am by no means a comedian) lol all while focusing on looking & feeling your best. 

So let’s get into this fit, it’s funny because I literally put this on to take these photos and slipped right back into some sweats quickly after lol. These photos were actually taken back in October when the weather was warm and Autumn had just bloomed (oh to get those days back). Suits are definitely having a moment right now and I cannot be more happy, especially when the pieces aren’t sold separately. I brought this one from Boohoo during one of their many sales & paid well under $50 for the entire thing. Woot, Woot! Side note: if you guys haven’t heard of Boohoo or have never shopped their site I suggest you do so TODAY! They have bomb pieces for the low due to them always having some sort of sale going on. I myself love a good deal & love good quality pieces. I paired it with a lace teddy underneath, some metallic pumps & yellow colored shades just to add that extra wow factor. It seriously wouldn’t had been me if I didn’t do a little extra lol. I love the color and would totally wear this out on a date, out with the girls for drinks or even the office (just add a button up or a sweater underneath & you’re all set). Another thing I like about this is I can easily style these pieces separately and create a couple different looks. 

When shopping for separates I always take that into consideration, how many different ways can I style these pieces. I’m one of those people who HATE repeating outfits (I know, how vain) but maybe I just hate to repeat it exactly the same way. So, if I can switch it up and kind of make it a new look then i’m more willing to wear it again. Yeah i’m working that lol. Whew, I finally posted my first blog post & honestly it wasn’t that bad! Thanks for stopping by and as always no matter what you do, do it with style.  

Xx, Quita

2 thoughts on “New Blogger On The Block…

  1. Congratulations on your first blog…both reads were dope! Proud of you! Ain’t no turning back now, keep going!! Skys the limit!! 11:11


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