Boujie on a budget


I’ve always had one rule & one rule only when it came to shopping & that is, Is this item actually worth the price? I have never been the girl who goes into the store and spend a lump sum of money on one item…it has never been my style. I’d much rather take that same amount of money and buy multiple items and still have a little left over, shopping smart and letting your money work for you is key. “Sale” has got to be my middle name because I literally purchase everything on sale lol. Now don’t get me wrong splurging on items every now and again is totally okay however i’d much rather keep that to a minimum. While you spent 1k on your coat, I on the other hand, purchased the same style of coat anywhere from Zara to H&M and paid a quarter of what you paid & look just as fly if not better lol (confidence is also key). I’m a firm believer in style being about your execution and not a price tag.

For example lets take a look at this blazer dress, originally priced at at $64.00 from Boohoo (which isn’t all that bad) but I purchased it for $25.00 during one of their sales. I knew I wanted it when I first saw it & didn’t give it any more thought when I saw the reduced price, a win win situation! The beret is also another Boohoo purchase from last year & I knew immediately I would be pairing this blazer with this hat. For the obvious reasons, the two just organically went together. Berets are definitely the hat of the season & has been a favorite Fall staple of mine for years. They’re comfortable, stylish & give you that chic pulled together look. Not to mention the versatility of them too! Having a bad hair day? Put on a beret. Weave need to be tightened up? Put on a beret. Tired of your hair all together? Throw on a beret & go live your best life, sis lol. Because of the length of this dress I chose to pair it with a pair of OTK thigh high boots I purchased from H&M with a coupon they sent me in the mail, lol when I said I shopped on a budget that was the absolute truth. Until i’m wealthy I’ll proudly be shopping this way :).

Whenever I go out I always have people come up to me & compliment me on something I am wearing, my favorite part about this is telling them how much I paid for something. I’m a firm believer in passing on the good news lol their faces are always the icing on the cake. You can definitely look expensive on a budget and have everybody fooled. I remember being out at a bar one time and this guy was eye balling me from across the the room. This went on for about 10 minutes before he threw back two shots & made his way to my side of the bar. We screamed at each other for about 15 minutes trying to have an actual conversation in a loud & crowded bar. From what I gathered, he was a 30 something professional man new to Baltimore looking to meet new people in the area. I playfully asked him what took him so long to approach me being he had been staring & his response confused me. He told me, ” I could just tell what type of woman you were just from observing you. You look like you like really nice things & you only date a certain type of man. You know, one who could afford you. I’m not to sure if I fit the bill but I thought i’d try anyway.” When I tell you my actual face said everything my mouth didn’t I mean just that! Here I am sitting at a somewhat upscale classy bar in a dress I purchased for $25 bucks & this man came to this conclusion lmao I was truly tickled by this. I politely excused myself & told him I had to use the restroom *crying laughing emoji*. I waited until he disappeared to the other side of the bar before I returned, the best thing you can wear is confidence & I wear mine well. 

Moral of the story, style is all about how you choose to wear the pieces not how much you spent on the items. One could easily have a wardrobe full of designer pieces & be lacking in style. Whats the use of spending all this money on clothing you don’t even know how to properly style? Now again, I do like luxury items & will splurge when my pockets allow me to HOWEVER I am not opposed to being Boujie on a Budget either, I like to call it the best of both worlds. Do what works for you and add a ton of confidence to it! Don’t let the brand distract you, you can totally look dope and spend less! Thanks for stopping and by and as always no matter what you do, do it with style. 

Xx, Quita

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