Are sweats the new chic?


So if i’m being completely honest I truly do enjoy being comfortable, like 98% of the time. As I’ve gotten older being in clothes slightly to small, to short or to tight just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Comfort has become a top priority of mine when choosing clothing options because let’s be honest who wants to be pulling & tugging on a dress all night? Who wants to have to pass on eating simply because one morsel of food & you’re about to bust out of your clothing, not me! I for one love to eat & will not be passing up on the food lol 99% of the time if you catch me out at any function there’s probably food or wine involved. Now I’ve always been able to curate an outfit to get dressy & go out in but when it came down to the sporty trend I would always draw a blank. 

So to make this trend work for me I knew I had to actually make it more me. I had to incorporate my own style into it & that is exactly how I got this look. Now I am obsessed with faux fur, like I own about 10 & counting & I love them all. I am the one you’ll see in Target with the faux fur buying milk & eggs with no shame, yes I have on a faux fur to grocery shop & I absolutely do not care lol I am that extra in real life! They’re so warm, fuzzy & not to mention oh so chic & no animals were harmed in the making of it, what’s not to love? When I decided to put this over sized sweat shirt on (another Boohoo purchase) I knew I had to dress it up a tad, so I reached for this jacket and boom! Just to keep the sporty thing alive I put this beanie on and was on my way out the door. If you haven’t noticed by now hats are definitely my favorite accessory. 

Now I know I said that I’ve been opting for comfort lately and I really have but I simply cannot resist a good pair of heels! My one weakness would probably be heels, I’ve tried wearing more flats & while I do like them there is NOTHING like a good pair of heels. My favorites would have to be pumps & thigh high boots, I’ll try to pair them with just about anything. I always get that extra boost when i’m wearing heels (probably because i’m short lol) that bad ass feeling & who doesn’t love to feel extra confident? While I do prefer wearing heels over flats I do look for ones that are a little more giving, ones that don’t leave my feet feeling like two swollen sausages by the end of the night. Surprisingly these are just that, 4 inches, comfortable & definitely the it boot of the season. These boots have been all over social media & I knew I had to have a pair. While leopard print has been the go to animal print for years this Fall we’re seeing snake print everywhere & I love it. Snake print is so sexy to me in a subtle kind of way, its not to loud but you can’t help but to notice it. These had been sitting in my closet for about a week before I put them on and when I did I didn’t want to take them off. And let’s not ignore that they fit my leg like a glove, definitely a win in my book!

I purchased these boots from Go Jane when they were having a 50% off sale, I got these and three other pairs of shoes….and I’m not ashamed lol. I couldn’t resist a good sale and thigh high snake print boots at that, whew! This was my first time purchasing anything from their site & I’m not totally disappointed. Only one pair of shoes didn’t fit & I definitely ordered my correct size so I’m not to sure what happened there. Other than that I was thoroughly impressed by the quality & appearance of the shoes.  I can’t wait to actually wear these again & style them completely different, these will absolutely be making more appearances for the rest of Fall right into the brutal Winter months. I can already see an all black look with these for sure! Are you guys into the snake print trend?? Let me know down below how you would style these boots! Thanks for stopping by and as always whatever you do, do it with style.

Xx, Quita 

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