So you wanna be a blogger?…


First let me start off by saying Happy New Year! I know I’m super late but hey, better late than never right? When I first started this blog I had all these ideas and a vision of how I wanted this blog to be, what I wanted to say & how I would say it. My creative juices were flowing, my wardrobe was popping and everything just seemed like it would fall perfectly into place. I planned my “blog outfits” in advance and even attempted to schedule days were I would shoot photos for the blog. All this was good up until it was actually time to shoot the photos and there was no one around to do that. I let weeks go by with no new content simply because I didn’t think me taking the photos myself would be good enough. How would I get my angles right? How would I know if I was standing in the right light? Who’s gonna tell me if my hair is out of place or if my hands look awkward? I literally had 100 excuses and kinda lost my drive to do it. Aside from that, the weather in Baltimore has been brutally cold and I am not a fan of Winter! I absolutely hate being cold, just the thought of standing outside in the cold trying to pose for a picture gives me frost bite. My plan was to take as many photos as possible in early/mid Fall so that I had enough content to put out way into Winter…well, Fall came & went and that didn’t happen.

I was over it (kinda), about 2 whole months into the blogging game and I was already ready to throw in the towel *crying laughing emoji*. Up until this point I had unsuccessfully tried my hand at being my own photographer a few times and while some of the photos came out exceptionally good most of them were just “Meh” and if you know anything about me “Meh” is just not good enough. I don’t know if I would call myself a perfectionist but I will say that i’m not to far from it. So as any seasoned procrastinator would do, I kept pushing it off until next week, until next week became next month and my poor little blog was collecting dust. If it wasn’t the weather, it was me not having anyone around to help or just life itself….my mood was all over the place and my blog suffered.

I kept giving myself the pep talk like, “Girl you got this, take that tripod & remote & go take those photos…how hard can it be?” To be completely honest it all sounded good but it fell on deaf ears, I just wasn’t feeling it. I would muster up the energy and go outside, pick a location and be ready to go until someone walks or drives by and give me the, what the heck is she over there doing look?. I’d immediately cringe and try to look normal *crying laughing emoji*or literary run for cover…a hot damn mess. I wouldn’t call myself shy but I am extremely introverted and that in itself can be a little challenging trying to create in front of others. So my next grand idea was to ask my friends to take them whenever we went out and yeah, that didn’t happen neither. I never wanted to be that annoying friend who’s always asking for their picture to be taken like, “Hey I know we’re out having an amazing time but I need you to get some photos of my outfit for my blog. I need you to get my good angles, get on the ground, catch my off guards, stand in the street, get in a tree and position me so that I can catch the good lighting”. Lmao, I would literally have no friends! Then there’s those times when I’m out with a male friend or even on a date and have on something totally bloggable (yes I made that word up) and oh please don’t let me ask one of them to take my photo lol my whole head probably would be cut off…men just don’t be into these types of things. *Sigh* only if I had a bae-tographer oh how easy this would be…I would train him to take the most phenomenal shots! *crying laughing emoji*

On this particular day old man Winter must have taken the day off because we reached a very comfortable 60 degrees, I was actually hot taking these photos. Blazers are definitely a Fall/Winter staple to have in any wardrobe (men & women). They’re versatile, easy to style, comfortable and go with just about everything. I prefer mine a little over-sized so that I can fit chunky sweaters underneath and still have room to move. This time I chose a graphic tee I grabbed from Shein along with these faux leather pants and paper boy hat. I promise I will do more looks without hats but I’m just seriously obsessed with them. The star of the show (the blazer) is from H&M and I am completely happy with this purchase! I’ve worn it a few times and it keeps getting better, I even paid full price for this so you know I really wanted it lol.

I guess we all have those days (well for me weeks) where we’re just not feeling it, and by it I mean all of it. Where no matter what we do or say nothing can move us out of our funk. I could literally write a whole blog post about this topic alone but I won’t do that here. I’ve always depended on fashion and writing as my creative outlet to do just that, get it out. It’s always been my go to to boost my spirits and increase my energy. Although i’m fairly new to this whole blogging thing I’ve already felt the the pressure that undoubtedly comes with it. I’ve been feeling like I need to stay consistent, grow a larger audience (on both here and social media) and stay current with everything fashion. While non of these things are impossible and or out of reach, I think the bulk of it comes from feeling the need to keep up; & that is the problem. It’s not a race and the best place to be is in your own lane, doing your own thing. Nothing authentic ever comes from following in the footsteps of others; its great to be inspired but its wack to just copy. What may work for other bloggers may not work for you and that is 100% okay! It’s gonna take more than some frigid temperatures and having no “bae-tographer” on hand to throw me out the game lol I love it to much. So, if you see me out fumbling with my tripod trying to get the shot just mind your damn business, or better yet help a real one out! *crying laughing emoji* I hope your new year has started off to a great start and continue to prosper as i’m sure mine will. Thanks for stopping by and as always whatever you do, do it with style.

Xx, Quita

2 thoughts on “So you wanna be a blogger?…

  1. Never knew you had a blog but glad you started back up again, very inspirational words.. A couple of words really stuck out to me so I’ll be waiting on those next words of wisdom .. Have a great day and be bless beautiful !!

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