How is it still Winter?


So I Know I cannot be the only one who’s COMPLETELY over Winter, I just know i’m not. We are at the tail end of February and between the snow, ice, sleet, freezing temperatures and the occasional 40 degree + days I am totally done with this entire season. If I had to pick one season to to live in all year round it would be a toss up between Summer & Fall, but definitely leaning more towards Fall. It’s no secret that Fall is every fashion lovers favorite time of the year. It’s peak style season, meaning you can truly tell who’s got real style in the Fall…it has all the best fashion trends! In the Winter it’s entirely to cold to try and look cute, in the Summer it’s entirely to hot to even think about being cute and well Spring is a mixture of all of the above and who has time for that?! Although the weather can be a bit all over the place I am patiently waiting for March 20th…just my luck it’ll snow that day. *crying laughing emoji*

I’ve despised this time of the year ever since I was a little girl, I vividly remember being the child who watched all the kids build snowmen from the window. It seems my body could not tolerate being cold, making it extremely hard to enjoy the colder temperatures. I remember one time playing outside in the snow with my cousin during an intense snowball fight when I suddenly couldn’t feel my hands, it was the weirdest most painful experience I had ever had! I remember crying hysterically and screaming when I finally went inside to discover my fingertips were all purplish blue! I panicked as my mom tried to calm me down and rubbed my hands vigorously between hers until the heat started to transfer from her hands to mine. It was at that point where I knew that snow and Winter would be the death of me lol I’ve despised it ever since. As I’ve gotten older my my dislike has only gotten worse, although Spring isn’t my favorite either, I’d much rather deal with April showers than Winter snow storms. These photos were taken on one of those 40 degree days where it wasn’t cold enough for snow but wasn’t warm enough for one layer and no jacket. In recent years I’ve gotten to the point where I could possibly be comfortable in 40 & above if I am properly dressed.

Houndstooth has been a closet staple of mine for sometime now. I especially love how although it is a pretty bold print it can still be paired with a variety of different colors. My personal favorite color combinations are the classic red and a bold yellow! These two colors pop against the black and white and make for the perfect classic look. For this look I chose to tone down the red and do a deep ox blood color, which I think came out pretty good! I love a good hat ( I’m sure you already knew this) and this particular one matched perfectly with my pants! I was having a complete meltdown while getting dressed because my hair wasn’t cooperating so, I slapped this hat on and Voila! I’m telling you hats are your best friend, never underestimate the power of a good fedora on a bad hair day. This blazer was gifted to me so long ago for Christmas that I cannot recall the year, it’s literally been in my closet for way over 5 years and it’s still in perfect condition. All the buttons are in tact, there are no rips nor tears and it’s just a nice as it was when I first received it. I love a good functional, timeless piece that lasts, these type of items are so important to have in your wardrobe. Not only are they stylish they’re also practical and will save you a lot of money. Every season the trends switch up (which is why I try not to buy into them to much) but houndstooth is definitely one of those prints that’s not going anywhere. So, instead of running to the store and buying new items every year Fall/Winter hits you’ll already have your classic pieces, it’s a win, win situation!

When the fanny pack trend first came about I will admit, I was not a fan. I thought they had been done since the 80’s and for me they were just plain ol weird looking. I’ve avoided them until recently when I was looking for other options to cinch my tops and well…here we’re lol. This one I purchased from Boohoo (surprising I know) along with these faux leather pants….I’m definitely happy with both items. When I first saw these shoes on a blogger on Instagram  (I really cannot remember which one) I knew I had to have them! I checked the Zara site religiously hopping they’d restock with no luck, they were sold out & never restocked. On a random trip to the mall one day I walked into Zara and boom! Lol, the shoes were right in the front like they had been waiting on me….and well the rest is history lol. I’ll admit the Fall and even the brutal months of Winter are great for dressing purposes but as far as I’m concerned I can totally do without Winter. I am counting down the days til I can walk out of my house and the cold wind not knock me in the face. *Crying laghing emoji* Who else is ready for a warm up?? Let me know down below! Thanks for stopping by and as always whatever you do, do it with style.

Xx, Quita

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