Never mind, I changed my mind…


Who rememberers being a teenager and counting down the days, hours and seconds until their 18th birthday, that glorious day where you were legally considered an adult? We went through our teenage years wishing for freedom, the right to make our own decisions and the day where we could officially move out. I clearly remember purposely applying to colleges out of state just so that I could get away, my first time being on my own was my freshman year and boy what an experience lol. Post college life and straight into adulthood made me stop and think, Is this really what I was rushing into? How come nobody warned me that being an adult is no walk in the park??….never mind, I change my mind. I don’t wanna be an adult anymore . Lol

Looking at all the adults around me doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted was so intriguing to me, I couldn’t wait to grow up and do the same. Now at 34 I wish I were a kid again at least 10 times a day and that’s on a good day lol. One of the things I enjoyed the most as a child was playing dress up (not much has changed in that respect) I would get all dressed up in my play clothes and put on a show! Yes I was that kid in the grocery store with a tutu, princess crown, soccer cleats & a sweatshirt on lmao, I’ve always expressed myself through my choice of clothing. One item in particular I would always gravitate toward was a skirt, I was insanely obsessed with skirts. I wore them every chance I got and when I was forced to put on pants I certainly would throw a hissy fit.

This black and white pleated skirt I’m wearing in this post was purchased from Forever 21 about three years ago. I was drawn to it because of the style & length, it was giving me school girl vibes with a twist. I’ve only worn it twice prior to this and each time I did I wore it with heels. Now I am by no means a sneaker girl (at all) but lately I’ve honestly been opting for comfort. This skirt in particular I always did want to do a sporty chic type of look with some sneakers. Adidas shell heads are definitely a classic shoe and will definitely be “In” for a very long time. I remember the first pair I ever got was back in middle school, they were pink and white and I was completely in love with them. At one point in my life pink was my absolute favorite color, everything I wore was pink, donning me the nickname “pink”. Today you would probably never catch me in pink, it’s definitely one of my least favorite colors.

I’ve been wanting to give sneakers a chance for a long time now but always end up in a pair of heels lol. I do own a few pair however I hardly ever wear them. These are actually not that comfortable to me, I can do about 2 good hours in them before I’m taking them off. Because the length of this skirt is almost ankle length I decided to go a little sexy on top. This lace teddy is one of many I own, I was thrilled when they became acceptable to wear during the day. The subtle hint of sexiness balances out the long pleated skirt perfectly. Small, stackable, dainty necklaces are definitely having a moment and I am here for it. I’m not a big fan of gaudy jewelry but these and my name necklace go with me everywhere I go. Ever since I saw Carrie Bradshaw with one on in “Sex and The City” I had to have one, I wear mine all the time.

Gone are the days of wearing skirts, sneakers and princess crowns everyday and it being totally acceptable lol. Now I’m in scrubs 95% of the time and the other 5% I’m in sweats and a face mask. Being able to make my own decisions, provide and take care of myself is an amazing feeling but sometimes I wish I could go back to that bubbly little girl with the big brown eyes and even bigger imagination…twirling around in skirts all day. Adulting is hard af man lol we all wanted to be grown ups so bad now look at us…exhausted, wishing we could take nap breaks at work and go into time out periodically throughout the day lol. On a lighter note Spring is literally a few days away and I can’t wait! It’s not my favorite but it’s not Winter either, so I’ll take it! How are you guys preparing for Spring? Me? I’ll probably just finally buy an umbrella for all the rain I’m sure we’ll be getting *crying laughing emoji*. Thanks for stopping by by and as always whatever you do, do it with style.

Xx, Quita

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