Spring…is that you?


Who else feels like the start of a new season is the perfect time to press reset?Specifically for me, Fall & Spring has always given me that, New season, new start kinda feeling. When Fall starts we’re fresh off of Summer and the weather starts to make drastic changes, in contrast, when Spring starts the days get longer, the sun shines harder and my overall mood is just better! Spring is blossoming season, all the things I’ve been watering all Winter finally starts to flourish.

I work 10+ hrs a day, when I go into work it’s dark and when I leave it’s also darkšŸ˜©that is definitely a mood killer! About two weeks ago I looked up around 4:30 and saw that it was still sunlight outside, I knew Spring had to be on the horizon lol. If you know me you know I’m not big on colors, I prefer black and neutrals over anything else. Spring have always been the season for color, the time of the year to bring out your brights and put away your dark’s. I will never not wear black, I don’t care if it’s 90 degrees outside lol…Will I be in all black? Umm absolutely not, however, I am not against wearing something black. What can I say, black is mysterious, sexy and chic…it’s basically me in a color.

I challenged myself not to buy anything new this Spring, as I have tons of clothes already. I think it is 100% possible to recreate several different looks with items you already own. I was that girl who would run to my computer in the upcoming weeks of every new season and buy all new shit….not this time around. Well, with the exception of Fall, Fall is my baby and Fall will get new items every year…..period lol. I found these vintage Buffalo Exchange yellow pants in a bag of clothes I had neglected years ago, the bag had so many gems in it! I couldn’t believe I let these pants collect dust for so long. This blazer I remember purchasing a few years ago from H&M and loved the structure of it. I usually don’t go for shoulder pads because they can sometimes look big and bulky on my frame…however this did the complete opposite, it gave the blazer a shape and I fell in love with the fit.

I’m definitely looking forward to the comfortable temperatures and extended sunshine in the upcoming weeks. The sunshine does something to my spirit, it generally makes me feel lighter and happier and not to mention melanin loves the sun! I’m not completely mad at wearing yellow either, I think it may have potential to be my color of the season. I’ve been curating outfits in my head for the past couple of weeks and cannot wait to actually incorporate small doses of color into my wardrobe. You know it’s spring when I talk about wearing color lol. Happy spring guys! Thanks for stopping by and as always whatever you do, do it with style.Xx, Quita

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