What 30+ days of no social media has taught me


Over recent years I’ve witnessed social media become an overnight phenomenon (Instagram in particular)…I still remember when I first made my Instagram page, back when I was Msblondie84 🤦🏽‍♀️ lol. I had been hearing about the ever so growing app from my peers but didn’t really start my page until Instagram was about two years old, since then I’ve had my page consistently with no breaks. Just back to back years of uploading, scrolling, watching 👀, editing and tagging my friends in meme’s lol. This of course was when Instagram was a bit simpler…way before the weird algorithm, Instastories, tags, features and thousands & thousands of overused hashtags. Instagram is by far my favorite and only social media account, however, it has become so over saturated in recent years it was starting to drain me. I knew that break I had been avoiding for months was definitely about to happen. I had grown tired of looking at fake perfection, people lying all day long, drama/gossip and some people in particular.

I was over it, temporarily, I needed to detach and recharge. I knew that I didn’t want to get rid of my page completely so I opted for the “disable” option, where my page disappeared to everyone until I logged back in and reactivated it. My initial time frame was 30 days but after about two weeks I knew 30 days wasn’t enough, 30 days easily turned into almost two months. For someone like me who checks Instagram religiously that was a long time, it may not sound like it to some but for me it was. I think it’s important to use social media in good and inspiring ways as opposed to letting it use you and cloud your vision. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of what other people are doing and other peoples lives, inevitably you start to lose focus on your own life and in worse cases start to compare yourself ( and life) to others. In one way or another I feel like we’ve all been there and it is a very unhealthy place to be. You have no idea what goes on behind a perfectly edited photo and an asethically pleasing Instagram feed. Nor do you know what people have done to get the lifestyle they have and what they’re doing to maintain it. None of this goes into account when you’re scrolling through Instagram, you see someone’s “perfect” life and immediately start to compare. Believe me when I tell you, we ALL have shitty days and most people aren’t sharing that part of their lives.

By no means am I against social media whatsoever, however, I do believe you should be mindful of your usage. There’s a feature on Instagram that monitors your usage/time, I was shook when I saw how much time I was actually spending on there. During my break I was able to finish two books I had been trying to finish for weeks. I’m a big reader and read often but I had been neglecting it and reaching for my phone instead of my books. Awful, I know… but it felt good to clear my mind and fill it with useful information instead of social media. I also was on time for once in my life lol instead of recording myself in the mirror making Instastories when i say I’m ”ready” I was actually ready lol. (I know my ladies can relate) I even got some sleep at night, instead of scrolling for an 1 hr or so before bed I actually went to bed. Most importantly I was able to enjoy myself and live in the moment, there’s so many times where we’re out and not actually enjoying the moment. Instead, we’re consumed with our phones and taking pictures and videos of everything. I actually went out and didn’t take boomerangs of me and my friends making a toast with our glasses lmao ladies I know y’all do this too!

On a lighter note I did miss uploading photos to promote my blog, I think one of the biggest advantages of Instagram is using it as a promotional tool. We’re in the era of entrepreneurs, bloggers and business boomers…using Instagram is like free advertising. Another bonus to Instagram is networking, you’re able to make a lot of connections without actually leaving your couch lol (a super plus for me). Believe it or not some people have made genuine friendships through Instagram. There’s so many advantages to social media when used correctly and efficiently. While I was on “break” I was still serving looks, that will never stop lol. For this look I chose this Hounds tooth dress I purchased from Boohoo back in the Fall, if you know me you know my obsession with Hounds tooth. Strappy heels are so chic and sexy bringing that extra dose of sass to any outfit. Mine are from Boohoo as well, although not the most comfortable shoe to walk in they’re totally worth it. Just be sure to wear them when you’re certain you’ll be sitting down for the majority of the night …Thank me later lol.

Have any of you ever taken a break from social media? If so, for how long? If you haven’t I encourage you to give it a try, it’s so beneficial. I promise you’ll feel the positive effects of disconnecting almost immediately. I’m already looking forward to my next break! Btw, are you following me on Instagram 👀, if not you definitely should! @Storiesxstyle…Thanks for stopping by and as always, whatever you do, do it with style.

Xx, Quita

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