So I’ve got a confession, I’ve been cheating….


If you remember back to last summer when I made a post titled ‘Casually Chic Summer‘ where I wore a slip dress with sneakers, I mentioned in that post how I wanted to get into wearing sneakers; how I’ve had my eye on a couple pairs. Of them these have been my favorite go to sneaker of all time, I have NEVER been a sneaker girl let alone a Jordan wearer but the 1’s have always stood out to me. I think what I like most about them is the sleekness of them, how they can easily be dressed up or down and works either way. The variation of colors is probably my favorite thing about them, over the years they have came in so many different colors from the classic red, white & black ones to the ones I have on, they literally have a ton of color combinations. I knew if was going to spend my coins on a pair of sneakers they had to be perfect, they had to be versatile, they had to be the Jordan 1’s.

I purchased my first pair about three years ago and didn’t purchase another until recently, although I liked the shoe I felt awkward in them LOL only because I am so used to wearing heels that I felt weird in sneakers. In a sense I felt as if I were cheating on my heels with sneakers, hence the title of this post LMAO. I tried to wear them maybe 3 times before I put them back in the box never to be seen again, that is until recently when I started to see them everywhere and remembered the pair I had shoved in the back of my closet. I wasn’t really in love with those so like any shopaholic would do I went online and purchased two new pairs in different colors to start my collection LOL. I was drawn to the boldness of the blue in these and how they could go with a lot of things I own, I’m not really into colors but if I do wear color its something dark for sure!

I don’t know whats gotten into me lately (probably the knees/ankles of a 35 yr old who’s been wearing heels since middle school) but all I’ve been wanting to wear lately is practical shoes, shoes that don’t make my feet hurt and ankles swell. I’ve always loved the whole Sporty Chic style that some girls have down to a science. That effortless, cool girl, sporty look with the right amount of style and a lot of comfort. That’s the direction I was going in with this look. Army fatigue have been having a moment for the last couple of years now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. For this look I went with the grey & black fatigue pants as opposed to the green ones everybody own (myself included). I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t throw a little glam into the mix, the faux fur I’ve had for awhile now & will continue to wear it until its worn out. Faux fur has got to be my favorite style coat to wear during the winter months, there was a time when I hated coats for the simple fact that they were big and bulky and hid my outfit LOL….however, I’ve had a change of heart. Now I’ll buy the most elaborate coat in the store just to make a subtle statement, the coat is like the appetizer while the outfit is the main course LMAO!

While I’ll always be a heels girl at heart I think its cool to switch things up from time to time, incorporating sneakers into my wardrobe was definitely a much needed change. I’ve noticed a lot of Fashion bloggers and street style stars have wearing sneakers with everything from skirts and jeans to ball gowns and suits, especially during NYFW, which I 100% stan! I cannot imagine running around for hours on end from show to show in 6 inch heels, that literally sounds like torture. Now don’t go and get all excited because this doesn’t cancel out heels all together for me, absolutely fucking not lol. There’s nothing sexier than a nice pair of pumps or thigh high boots (which both happen to be my favorite type of heel) BUT every now and again wearing a pair of sneakers is definitely clutch. I don’t even know who I am right now lol I think my main issue with wearing them often is my actual style, I’m the girl who’s 9 times out of 10 gonna over dress by nature…it’s really just who I am. Trying to make a sneaker work with a chic/glam outfit can sometimes become a little tricky but I’m up for the challenge. Do you have a go to comfortable shoe? Sneaker? I think I’ve found mine….*Goes and buy them in every color because that’s just who I am* LOL

Thanks for stopping by and remember, whatever you do, always do it with style.

Xx, Quita

15 Random facts about me…


So I wanted to switch things up a bit and do something a little different. I’ve had my blog now for a few months and felt like I wanted to kinda connect with my readers a bit more. In so many words, I felt like we should get to know each other a little better lol. So, I’ve decided to make a totally random “About Me” post. Something simple but a tad bit revealing lol

• I have a real fear of crossing busy, large streets. I get extreme anxiety whenever I have to do so, I’ll wait til there are literally no cars in site if I have to.

• I am the oldest sibling AKA the guinea pig lol (all the oldest kids will get the reference)

• Weird smells I’m obsessed with: Sharpies, bleach and gasoline

• I have 11 tattoos, all of which I want to have removed except for 2

• The ocean is my happy place, I cannot think of anywhere else in the world that brings me as much peace as the ocean does

• I am an introvert, like a serious, bonafide, text book definition introvert. I can’t stand to be around large groups of people for to long, even small intimate familiar crowds exhaust me over time. I need my alone time to function, I am no good to anyone without my space to recharge.

• I love writing just as much as I do fashion. I’ve kept journals since around the 5th grade and still have one til this day. I recently found my old journals from high school and oh boy….I’m thankful for growth lol

• I am deathly afraid of mice 😩like I will make the biggest scene if I see a mouse, I hate those little fuckers

• I don’t save numbers lol (for personal reasons) but I have about 7 contacts and all of them are blood related…besides one lol

• My zodiac sign is a Cancer. As I’ve gotten older I’ve identified with most of the traits so much that it’s scary lol I’m like a sensitive thug who could cry at any given moment but don’t fuck with me either, it can get really ugly when I’m upset.Very overprotective of myself and those closest to me. Moody as hell but a real genuine sweetheart…once you get through all the mood swings 😂

  • I don’t eat chicken….Yes i’m a black person who doesn’t eat chicken ( I could just feel your judgement) lol my diet is pretty weird as I wouldn’t consider myself 100% Pescatarian being I still eat steak every now and again but I mostly eat just seafood.
  • My favorite artists of all time are, Mariah Carey, Sade & Jay Z. I would pay any amount of money to see any of them in concert.
  • I love to read. My favorites at the moment are, self help & poetry books.
  • The first job I ever wanted to be was a cartoonist. I could draw really well as a child.
  • I got stitches in my lip when I was 6 yrs old, I fell off of a swing and busted my lip really bad

See that wasn’t so bad, I actually enjoyed oversharing for a bit. Hope you enjoyed and drop a weird fact about yourself down below, don’t be shy lol Thanks for stopping by and as always whatever you do, do it with style.

Xx, Quita