Casually Chic Summer


From the moment I saw Rihanna wearing a slip dress out in public, with a wine glass in her hand, I was immediately intrigued…with her of course, but more so with the idea of wearing a nightie out in public. I couldn’t decide if I was more impressed with what she was wearing or the fact that she had a wine glass in her hand? Lol, nonetheless I’ve been obsessed with slip dresses ever since, I’ve been obsessed with Rihanna ever since ‘Pon’ de Replay’…where are all my day one Rihanna fans at? I’ve seen this trend all over social media and even dabbled in it a little myself. Have you read my, ’10 things I wish I knew before turning 30′ post? I wore one in that post too.What I love most about them is the versatility of them, they can be worn for so many different occasions. Am I going to bed? Out to dinner? Going to see bae? Is there even a bae?…Lol. Am I running errands? Going to Target? Attending an outdoor event? The possibilities are endless! The versatility gives you so many different styling options as well, they’re the type of garment that could easily be dressed up or down. This time around I chose to style it down and when I say this has to be one of my favorite looks of the summer, I mean just that. I am absolutely all about comfy, chic and practical styling. There was a time where you wouldn’t catch me dead in a pair of sneakers, now I am looking into purchasing a couple pairs. I’ve never been into flats let alone sneakers but there are a few I’ve been eyeing for awhile now.I purchased this pair from Go Jane and was completely in love with them when I received them. I hesitated while purchasing them simply because they weren’t a “name brand” but quickly stopped myself dead in my tracks…style has NEVER been about labels so what was I actually tripping about? After trying them on I immediately cursed myself for waiting so long to wear sneakers lol my feet gave me an instant sigh of relief. Since then I’ve worn them at least 4 times, we’re practically inseparable at this point lol. I knew that the next time I wore a slip dress I wanted to wear it with sneakers. I’ve been so into wearing dresses/skirts with sneakers lately…it’s like the perfect mix of edgy, chic & tomboy all wrapped up into one look. I’m so here for it!If you’re new here you may not know about my hat obsession but hats are hands down my absolute favorite accessory, fedoras in particular. During the Fall and Winter you really can’t keep me out of them, they’re a staple piece in my wardrobe. I’ve been on the hunt for a good quality fedora for years now, most of mine have been from Forever 21, H&M & lately Target. I want to invest in a good quality one this Fall, I wear mine a lot so I need one that can handle a lot of wear and last for years. I’ve been searching for a white, straw fedora with a wide black band for for the longest now, I love a good white hat during the summer months. I came across this one on Forever 21 on the humble and it definitely didn’t disappoint, it gives you that I’m on vacation in Cuba serving looks vibe.I don’t normally pay to much attention to trends but this one has probably been my favorite one this summer. I remember my grandmother would make me wear slips under my skirts/dresses as a child and I always hated it, now if I could I would wear one everyday lol. They’re just so effortlessly chic. Summer 2019 is winding down and I for one am so happy to see it go, it’s been a pretty bland summer for me. The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching guys and I couldn’t be more excited lol. Fall is creeping in and I’m sure all my fashion lovers can understand my level of excitement. Although my wardrobe is still being curated I’m happy to welcome the cooler temperatures. While shooting these photos I literally felt like my back was on fire 😩, it had to be 90+ degrees outside and the humidity was out of this world! It got to the point where I changed my location to a spot with more shade because I simply could not.

Side note: I took these photos by myself with people watching lol and I didn’t give a single fuck. Lol, if you know me you know how I feel about this, but I pushed right on through. Who else is counting down until Fall?? I know I am! Thanks for stopping by and remember, whatever you do, always do it with style.

Xx, Quita

Sunnies: Shein

Dress: Boohoo

Shoes: Go Jane

Bag & Hat: Forever 21

Creating your own lane


When I finally decided to start my blog I brainstormed for awhile all the things I wanted to incorporate into it to make it true to me. What parts of myself should I include to differentiate this blog from all the others? This, for awhile, had me stumped…not because I didn’t know what I wanted to say but I didn’t know how much to share. We’re all multifaceted people with so many different sides and perspectives…it finally hit me that the secret ingredient was me. Not a single soul can do me better than I can and the same goes for everyone else. I think we get so caught up with how will we stand out that we forget that being yourself is simply enough, authenticity is always in style. I’m not a flower girl, at all, but sunflowers have held a special place in my heart for some time now. There’s something so bright and cheerful about having them around. Since I’m always struggling with hand placement during my shoots…I decided to add them to these photos for aesthetic purposes and for something to do with my hands lol. One thing I was 100% certain of was that I didn’t want this to just be a blog where I post pretty outfit photos and that’s it. I wanted to create a space where I could be myself freely, without limitations and judgement. I know there will be some people who judge regardless, and that’s not my problem, but I didn’t want to limit myself because of that. Yes, this is primarily a fashion blog but it’s important to me to still be able to have real conversations while connecting with my readers. I wanted to be able to write and be relatable all while looking fly.

Speaking of real lets talk about these little Debbie back rolls 🤦🏽‍♀️idk if it was the top or the way I was positioned but yeah… there they’re. I don’t know how to edit out back rolls so y’all gonna get them today lol. Real ass bish give a fuck about a back roll ( In my City Girls voice)

Lately I’ve become a big fan of A-Line skirts, with them being so comfortable and versatile there’s not much to dislike. The length has got to be my favorite thing about them, they’re not to long or short making them the perfect all occasions skirt. Me standing at 5 2′ definitely can appreciate a skirt that compliments my height. Long skirts can be such a hassle when they’re constantly dragging on the ground while short skirts are altogether a headache…both styles are cute but for a more relaxed fit I go with the A-Line style. This skirt in particular is so comfy and chic, the material is so lightweight making it the perfect skirt for the summer heat. I purchased both the skirt and bodysuit from Forever 21, prior to this I hadn’t shopped there in nearly a year. For me Forever 21 is either hit or miss, this time around definitely a hit but I’ve had enough misses to last a while lol. Style Tip: Do not buy their jeans, ever….Thank me later 😉. Forever 21 is one of those quick fashion places but good quality items are sometimes hard to come by. The bodysuit is super comfy and the material is a dream, I already want to rewear it again with some type of denim. It’s a little revealing while exposing lots of side boob but side boob ain’t never hurt nobody! That is if you’re apart of the B-cup crew lol otherwise I’d advise against it.

Being a creative can sometimes be mentally exhausting, there’s always an idea for something constantly running through my mind. Always trying to come up with new ways to create content while staying true to myself. It’s gotten to the point where sometimes I feel like I may go crazy if I don’t get these ideas out, even if it’s just jotting it down on a piece of paper so I don’t forget. Creative tip: When something comes to mind write it down as soon as you can, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve come up with ideas and totally forgot them by the time I thought about it later. I hate that! My notes in my phone are filled with ideas, I can always refer back to them when I’m in a creative block. In this creative field I think it’s so important to remember why you started and remain grounded, everyday won’t be a good one. Some days you’ll get a lot of views some days you’ll get two, it’s just the way things are. You’ll come to a couple bumps in the road but nothing you can’t get over. The good part about staying in your lane is there’s no traffic, so you can move at your own pace; stay consistent but don’t rush. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with the speed limit because there is none, you determine how slow or fast you’ll go. I’ve found quality over quantity to be the best strategy when it comes to blogging. This week I posted two posts, it maybe awhile before that happens again lol but my point is this is my space, my pace. Don’t let the internet rush you, there’s nothing worse then promoting crappy content just to keep up with the Jonses. I know I haven’t been doing this long but I do appreciate the ones who do read it and even message me complimenting me, y’all the shit! Some people will support you others will pretend they don’t see you, either way keep doing your thing. Hard work and consistency always pays off in the end, it’s your lane, let them catch up eventually. Thanks for stopping by and remember, whatever you do, always do it with style.

Xx, Quita

Dear Summer…Let’s break up


With Summer in full swing I have to stop and apologize for my radio silence over the first half of Summer…if you’re wondering I’ve been having a pretty low key Summer. After my birthday it seems my energy went straight to shit and my tolerance for this heat just wasn’t there (who else has been dying during this heat wave)? Between mercury retrograde and the sweltering temperatures I haven’t had much of a desire to leave my house lol gone are the days of waiting til Summertime for all the festivities to begin.

I remember being in my early 20’s and me and my friends would count down the days, hrs, minutes & seconds until Summer finally arrived; just so we could go on our annual road trips, bar hop, party and drink all night long. If anyone ever asked me, What’s your favorite season? I’d proudly say Summer! Now I explain how Summer is cool but Fall is bae lol. With all due respect to Hot Girl Summer I’ve been having a pretty cold girl summer myself but I’ve been cheering all you hotties on from the sidelines lol. Can we just take a moment and appreciate how dope Meghan the Stallion is, she’s really started a trend with this whole Hot Girl Summer thing and I ain’t mad at it. Not to mention her flow is crazy! Shout out to all the seasoned hot girls from the the Cash Money Era lol. I think we all can agree that she’s having the best summer ever. I wanted so bad for it to be a Hot Girl Summer but it’s been more of a working girl summer for me and honestly I’m not complaining. One thing I do enjoy about Summer is a good two piece set!

Are we feeling the hair clip trend? I am…for right now that is lol but it definitely seems like I’ll be over it momentarily.

I like to refer to two piece sets as “lazy girl fashion” simply because they’re easy and practical, all the work is basically done for you. You don’t have to worry about finding the right top and or bottoms to match when the pieces are either identical or made to go together. No fuss style and look fly, I’d say it’s a no brainer! This particular set is from H&M and you will never believe how much I paid for it (Drum Roll Please)….$10! I already had the pants in my on line cart but I didn’t see the top until I actually went into the store. I was scrummaging through the sale rack (as usual) and found the pants on sale for $6 and the top for $4, I was to hyped lol. I was skeptical at first about wearing the pieces together because I wasn’t sure if the matchy, matchy, look was for me but I’m so glad I didn’t second guess myself. After not finding a single top I liked to go with the pants I said fuck it and grabbed the top, at $4 I couldn’t resist. To give it a little more upmh I chose to tie the top in the front and left all the buttons undone, I wasn’t a fan of wearing it as is.

When it comes down to style Summertime is just not my favorite, I mean don’t get me wrong, I will show up and I will show out BUT summer style is just so blah to me. On the days where the temperatures are being disrespectful the only thing I’m concerned about is being cool and in as little as possible 😩. For this shoot I literally didn’t start shooting until after 7:00 pm, the sun will not have me out here sweating half to death being an actual Hot Girl lol.

My attempt at a Hot Girl move nearly broke my damn neck lol I thought it would be cool to put my foot up on the tree trunk and nearly slipped right into the grass smh. The grass was damp, my 6 inch heel was about 4 inches deep into the soil and my foot kept slipping right off of the tree 😭. My knees kept buckling and I’m tryna hold my balance…the whole thing was a damn mess lmao but anything for the shot right? How’s your summer been going so far? Have you been living up to the Hot Girl title or more on the colder end of things? I wonder if I could be a part time, lukewarm, Hot Girl? You know the bomb ass auntie who comes out occasionally but never stays to long and in bed by 10? Lol…I do have a few looks I wanna wear before summer officially ends so be on the look out for more posts in the upcoming weeks. I know I been slipping, again, but Summer understands. It’s not you, it’s me…Lol. It’s officially August and summer is moving right along, Let’s end the Summer on a good note. Thanks for stopping by and remember, whatever you do, always do it with style.

*Shoes and bag both from*

Xx, Quita

10 things I wish I knew before turning 30…

  • With my 35TH birthday just around the corner I thought I’d round up a list of things I wish I knew before I actually turned 30. When I think about turning 35 I immediately think, 5 years til 40, and literally start to panic lol. Not that I’m afraid of getting old or am dreading it altogether but it’s really like, wow little ole me is gonna be 40 soon. I start to think of all the things I wanna do, need to do, wanted to do, or just haven’t done (yet) and start to worry that my time is running low. There’s this thing people have with growing old (especially women) that gets them worked up about multiple things, including the concept of time. Since entering the “Dirty 30″ years of my life I’ve learned so much about myself! My 20’s were the decade of fun, mistakes, several friendships (most of which have ended), love, heartbreak, experiences, partying, drinking, reinventing myself (I’m sure I’ve had every hair color you can think of), finding myself, losing myself & finding myself again. My 20’s was a roller coaster ride to say the least lol but I can truly say I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Now that I’ve survived the first 4 yrs of my 30’s I have some things I wish someone would’ve told me before 6/25/2014 lol. Where are all my Cancers at?! We get a bad rap but we’re definitely the best sign in the zodiac 😆.
  • 1. All the partying and drinking will rarely happen, if ever. Now one night of partying requires 3-5 business days of recuperating and 3 solid days of uninterrupted sleep. Just the thought of chugging down vodka makes my stomach queasy. Wine will be your best friend and bedtime is 10 pm lol.

    2. Men will grow older in age but that’s about it lol. I think I read somewhere that men don’t mentally mature until 43 yrs old…yep, let that sink in.

    3. People will enter your life for seasons and leave once their time is up, let them. Your sanity is worth more than history.

    4. Your stomach cannot tolerate all the junk you choose to eat lol your diet will need to change.

    5. Shit will happen, things will fall a part, sometimes the failure is just a lesson in disguise. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    6. Turning 30 doesn’t mean your life automatically falls into place, you’re still learning every single day. Your journey doesn’t stop, chin up it gets better.

    7. Turning 30 doesn’t automatically come with the husband and kids. It will happen when it’s meant to happen, relax you’re NOT running out of time.

    8. It’s all down hill from here lol nah but seriously your body will start to age 😭. Your feet will need good support shoes, your legs wont be as swift as they used to be and everything makes you tired…everything lol.

    9. The things you chose to ignore in your twenties will show up again and again and again until you acknowledge them. They will show up in different ways and in different people to teach you the same lesson(s), don’t ignore the signs. Procrastination is the devil.

    10. Last but certainly not least….play time is over! Lol…Now I don’t mean that in the literal sense (as we all know what they say about all work and no play) but your future is depending on today’s decisions. Don’t dedicate all of your time obsessing over the future but don’t neglect it either, focus on today but don’t forget about tomorrow.

    Birthdays have always been super special to me because of the opportunity to reflect on your past year. Although to many turning a year older comes with a plethora of worries and anxiety for me it’s a huge blessing. In my twenties it was all about parties and fun to bring in my birthday, now I’d rather do more low key things. Speaking of which, my birthday is a few days away and I still have no plans…as we get older birthdays definitely are just another day 😂.

    How do you guys celebrate your birthday? Do you have something big with a bunch of friends/family or do you do something more intimate and low key?? Any last minute ideas I could possibly borrow? Let me know down below! I can’t believe another year has come and gone just that fast. Time sure does fly when you hit them 30’s Lol.

    Here’s to another trip around the moon! 34 it’s been real ✌🏽

    Thanks for stopping by and as always, whatever you do, do it with style.

    Xx, Quita

    *Dress, shoes and fanny pack all from Boohoo. Com*

    “Bon Bini”…Welcome to Aruba!


    If there’s anything I enjoy just as much as I do fashion, it would have to be traveling, traveling has always held a special place in my heart. I remember hearing about Aruba at a very young age (my parents honeymooned in Aruba) but didn’t really know what an amazing island it actually was. I recently went on a trip to Aruba and had an absolute blast! Of all the places I’ve visited Aruba has definitely landed a spot in my top five destinations. Between the crystal blue water, pretty white sand beaches, friendly locals and perfect weather (which never went higher than 83 degrees with a consistent breeze and no rain) there’s not much to dislike about this island. I’ve been to islands that were super turnt and islands that were more laid back and Aruba was definitely more laid back, depending on what you’re looking for in a vacation. May came super fast as I started planning for this trip back in February, I was packed and ready to go for my 5 night 6 day getaway!

    I research EVERYTHING, and this trip was no different…I looked up all the cool things to do while vacationing in Aruba. The one thing that came up repeatedly were the flamingos, after a quick Instagram search and I see why they are so popular. These gorgeous, slightly timid, birds were such a treat to be around. They are sorta shy and won’t come anywhere near you and don’t think about getting to close to them either lol although pretty harmless they’re somewhat introverted. You’re more than welcomed to take photos with them just at a proper distance. Most people go to The Renaissance to see them but we chose De Palm Island, which is an all inclusive type of water park. Although it isn’t actually a hotel it’s more of an activities resort. Included in the cover charge was; transportation to and from your hotel, banana boating, snorkeling, zip lining, a water park (including some really cool slides), open bar, all you can eat Buffet (with really good food), several small picturesque beaches, lounge chairs, live entertainment (with salsa dancing lessons) and the main attraction being the flamingos. I definitely took advantage of all the activities they had to offer. It was about $120 for an all day pass (8 hours) which also included a quick ferry ride from the pier to the actual beach. There were also other excursions you could book (for an additional cost) with one of them being Sea Treking.

    Send help! Lol

    I wanted to do this so bad, I even paid but couldn’t get past the helmet thingy being on my head lol. I am a huge water person (I’m a water sign) and am not by any means afraid of water but I have a real fear of being claustrophobic…that nearly sent me into a panic attack. I couldn’t get the breathing down to save my life and ended up not doing it 😩 I did try though lol I get an “E” for effort right?

    Say hello to my little friend , “Ritmo” lol

    Another cool thing I did was horseback riding through the mountains, this was definitely a fun time. I’m no stranger to riding, as I’ve rode them plenty as a child, but this was a completely different experience. They took us on a trail through the mountains and past a beautiful, picture perfect beach. Fun Fact: The horses really enjoy walking on the sand, after walking on the hard trails all day long the soft sand is like a treat for their hooves. They get really excited and will start to act like it lol. My horse in particular started to gallop and nearly took off leaving the rest of the group behind. My horses name was “Ritmo” and boy was he a ball of energy, we were right behind the line leader but he was determined to root the line and be the leader. He wanted to do his own thing and lead the line so bad lol (sounds a lot like myself). In Aruba they don’t allow the horses to actually walk through the water as the tourists complained to much about the waste and the tides can be to strong. They did however take us to Aruba’s Natural Pool which was so serene with stunning views!

    The pool is surrounded by volcanic stone circles and rocks, the rugged terrain makes this pool only accessible by 4×4, hiking or my choice of transportation, horseback. It’s one of Aruba’s most sought after natural attractions. All the bumps in the road and at times heavy galloping was well worth it to get to this! My thighs ached for about 3 days afterwards 😩but I’d do it all over again.

    My legs felt like jello at this point lol

    I did manage to get in a little partying while there, although not the busiest nightlife scene, they did have a crazy fun party bus! The bus (which was an actual yellow school bus with all the windows knocked out) was lively and super lit! It stopped at 4 different bars with about 40-45 minutes in each bar. Cover charge and a free complimentary shot at each location was included in the cost. It was definitely a good time!

    Our bus driver “Barbie” was a cool ass chick who definitely stayed energized the entire night lol

    Check out my Instagram @Storiesxstyle under highlights “Aruba“ to see all the live footage of the bus! Lol

    I love Ceviche , it wasn’t Mexico’s but it was good!
    There’s something so calming about the palm trees at night

    Overall I would give Aruba a 8/10! I wasn’t at all impressed with the food options which is why I only gave it an 8 because a girls gotta eat lol. I was expecting more of a Caribbean type of cuisine but most of the food was mainly American dishes. The official language of Aruba is, Papiamento & Dutch, although most of them speak several languages including English. It was never hard to communicate with any of the natives. The currency in Aruba is the Aruban Florin but US dollars are accepted just as much. To be completely honest, aside from the homes I saw up in the mountains, Aruba looks really Americanized to me but that’s just my opinion.

    Have any of you guys ever been to Aruba? If so what are your thoughts?? I’d definitely visit again, I am already imagining myself being on another island sometime soon. For me if there’s no beach included then is it really even a vacation?? Lol I will say that I did the most activities on this particular trip than I’ve ever done on one single trip. I’m more of a beach bum, I have no problem sunbathing all day long…with a cocktail of course lol. Do you have any travel plans this summer? If so, where are you headed? We’re officially in the countdown to summer! Thanks for stopping by and as always, whatever you do, do it with style.

    Xx, Quita

    What 30+ days of no social media has taught me


    Over recent years I’ve witnessed social media become an overnight phenomenon (Instagram in particular)…I still remember when I first made my Instagram page, back when I was Msblondie84 🤦🏽‍♀️ lol. I had been hearing about the ever so growing app from my peers but didn’t really start my page until Instagram was about two years old, since then I’ve had my page consistently with no breaks. Just back to back years of uploading, scrolling, watching 👀, editing and tagging my friends in meme’s lol. This of course was when Instagram was a bit simpler…way before the weird algorithm, Instastories, tags, features and thousands & thousands of overused hashtags. Instagram is by far my favorite and only social media account, however, it has become so over saturated in recent years it was starting to drain me. I knew that break I had been avoiding for months was definitely about to happen. I had grown tired of looking at fake perfection, people lying all day long, drama/gossip and some people in particular.

    I was over it, temporarily, I needed to detach and recharge. I knew that I didn’t want to get rid of my page completely so I opted for the “disable” option, where my page disappeared to everyone until I logged back in and reactivated it. My initial time frame was 30 days but after about two weeks I knew 30 days wasn’t enough, 30 days easily turned into almost two months. For someone like me who checks Instagram religiously that was a long time, it may not sound like it to some but for me it was. I think it’s important to use social media in good and inspiring ways as opposed to letting it use you and cloud your vision. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of what other people are doing and other peoples lives, inevitably you start to lose focus on your own life and in worse cases start to compare yourself ( and life) to others. In one way or another I feel like we’ve all been there and it is a very unhealthy place to be. You have no idea what goes on behind a perfectly edited photo and an asethically pleasing Instagram feed. Nor do you know what people have done to get the lifestyle they have and what they’re doing to maintain it. None of this goes into account when you’re scrolling through Instagram, you see someone’s “perfect” life and immediately start to compare. Believe me when I tell you, we ALL have shitty days and most people aren’t sharing that part of their lives.

    By no means am I against social media whatsoever, however, I do believe you should be mindful of your usage. There’s a feature on Instagram that monitors your usage/time, I was shook when I saw how much time I was actually spending on there. During my break I was able to finish two books I had been trying to finish for weeks. I’m a big reader and read often but I had been neglecting it and reaching for my phone instead of my books. Awful, I know… but it felt good to clear my mind and fill it with useful information instead of social media. I also was on time for once in my life lol instead of recording myself in the mirror making Instastories when i say I’m ”ready” I was actually ready lol. (I know my ladies can relate) I even got some sleep at night, instead of scrolling for an 1 hr or so before bed I actually went to bed. Most importantly I was able to enjoy myself and live in the moment, there’s so many times where we’re out and not actually enjoying the moment. Instead, we’re consumed with our phones and taking pictures and videos of everything. I actually went out and didn’t take boomerangs of me and my friends making a toast with our glasses lmao ladies I know y’all do this too!

    On a lighter note I did miss uploading photos to promote my blog, I think one of the biggest advantages of Instagram is using it as a promotional tool. We’re in the era of entrepreneurs, bloggers and business boomers…using Instagram is like free advertising. Another bonus to Instagram is networking, you’re able to make a lot of connections without actually leaving your couch lol (a super plus for me). Believe it or not some people have made genuine friendships through Instagram. There’s so many advantages to social media when used correctly and efficiently. While I was on “break” I was still serving looks, that will never stop lol. For this look I chose this Hounds tooth dress I purchased from Boohoo back in the Fall, if you know me you know my obsession with Hounds tooth. Strappy heels are so chic and sexy bringing that extra dose of sass to any outfit. Mine are from Boohoo as well, although not the most comfortable shoe to walk in they’re totally worth it. Just be sure to wear them when you’re certain you’ll be sitting down for the majority of the night …Thank me later lol.

    Have any of you ever taken a break from social media? If so, for how long? If you haven’t I encourage you to give it a try, it’s so beneficial. I promise you’ll feel the positive effects of disconnecting almost immediately. I’m already looking forward to my next break! Btw, are you following me on Instagram 👀, if not you definitely should! @Storiesxstyle…Thanks for stopping by and as always, whatever you do, do it with style.

    Xx, Quita

    Spring Cleaning


    With every new season I always adjust my wardrobe to make sense with the current temperatures. In the Summer I pull out my shorts and tanks while in the Winter I pull out my coats and boats, as I’m sure most of you do as well. Three weeks into Spring I’ve found myself more concerned with adjusting my surroundings than I am my wardrobe. As I mentioned in a previous post, I didn’t plan on buying much this spring which gave me the opportunity to be more creative with the items I already own and more time to focus on cleaning up the things around me. I say that phrase in a figuratively way.

    The phrase Spring Cleaning have always been something we hear around this time of year to mean exactly what it says, to clean up. Often times it’s associated with cleaning your home and doing things around the house. Dust the counters, clean the floors, wash the dishes, wash the clothes and take out the trash. But what about your mental home? Your spiritual home? Your emotional home? I think we can apply this to our lives as well. This year for me personally I took it and applied it to my personal life, there were some things & people that definitely needed to be sorted out. We all get so caught up in our daily routines that we often times forget to stop and actually evaluate our surroundings, ask ourselves if what we’re doing, saying and participating in actually doing us any good? Are we happy? Are the people around us adding to our lives or draining the shit out of us? Are they even good people? I stopped and asked myself a list of questions and got the answers I had been ignoring.

    I think its important to do inventory on the people and things we’re allowing to stick around in our space. Some people don’t mean us any good while others just stick around to have a front row seat to your life. You can usually spot out the rotten apples in your space, for me my intuition is always spot on! There’s been so many times where I ignored my intuition just to learn that I wasn’t crazy all along. People will reveal their selves in time and most of the time you already knew how they were. In such cases you know what to do, time to get them scissors out lol its always cutting season and this goes with anyone or anything. The longer you let something linger the harder it’ll be to let it/them go. Under no circumstances should you allow someone or something to stick around and disturb your peace, your peace of mind should always be your top priority. Many times we give people the benefit of the doubt because we love or care about them and a lot of time they show us exactly why we shouldn’t had. Get rid of all the things not serving you, period. Clean your contacts list, your IG feed, your Facebook friends, start to say “No” when you don’t want to do something, get some new books to read, get some sage, clean your home, de-clutter your closet, buy a journal, start a new healthy hobby, do whatever you can think of that will serve your highest good and leave the rest behind. Life is to short to deal with anything less. Be intentional with your time, energy, space & life…make sure the things you allow are all in tune with the type of life you can live peacefully in.

    Now I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t serve you some Spring style along with some Spring cleaning lol. As I stated before life is to short to deal with any negative energy and its also to short to wear boring clothes…which leads me to this lime green turtle neck dress. If you guys read my posts you already know I am not a fan of color, especially bright colors. Neon green has literally been all over social media, The blogs, in stores, online sites etc it is definitely the color of the season. It’s currently trending in a big way making it close to impossible to ignore. I’ll admit I have given in and this dress was the perfect way to get my feet wet lol. I’ve always been a fan of these style dresses but always steered away from them because of the way they fit. I am a petite woman so any garment with absolutely no shape would easily lose my entire frame. With that I decided to put on a belt to help cinch the waist and create a shape, otherwise I probably wouldn’t had worn this at all. Another trending item right now is the plastic handbag, shoes and accessories. This bag in particular I’ve seen on several of my favorite bloggers and fashionista’s, after searching the web for one I became discouraged when I saw the prices they were going for. Uuummmm $200.00 plus was a bit much for a plastic bag, I mean I couldn’t understand why a hard, plastic, see through bag would cost that much. Maybe it’s me, I don’t know, but what I did know was that I wouldn’t be purchasing one for that price lol. Boohoo held me down though, as always they had several of them on their site for way less than half of the price of other retailers…Boohoo is definitely clutch. I am in head to toe Boohoo in this look, (i’m sure no one’s shocked lol) I’ve had these snake print booties since Fall and never had them on. They’re surprisingly comfortable and super easy to walk in, they’ll be making several more appearances before summer starts.

    Spring is in full swing and I have been trying to enjoy this random ass weather; I don’t know about where you live but here in Baltimore there hasn’t been much sun AT ALL, not even a Spring thunderstorm (which I am a huge fan of). Just back to back sunless gloomy days. How are you guys enjoying Spring so far? Have you done any Spring cleaning? Both literally & figuratively? I sure as hell have & I couldn’t feel better! Remember to keep your space, energy & wardrobe in tip top shape and get rid of anything you no longer need. Thanks for stopping by and as always whatever you do, do it with style.

    Xx, Quita