Skinny Black Girl In America


So, let’s talk….

Happy Women’s History Month! I thought I’d start this month off in particular with a subject very near and dear to me, something I’ve been dealing with for most of my life. I’m sure it’s not hard to see that I am a petite woman, or as most would say “Skinny”. Growing up and all throughout school this was never something that caused me any trouble or was even a concern, I was a perfectly healthy child/teenager who happened to be on the “Skinny” side. It wasn’t until I was around 15 maybe 16 when I started to notice that all of my friends were growing into these bodies that had hips, breast and ass while my body on the other hand still looked the same way it did in the 9th grade. Although it still hadn’t become an issue at that point it was something I did take notice of. As time went on and I entered early adulthood that’s when the insecurities started to come into play, that’s when the insensitivity from others started to happen, that’s when I began to allow my environment to affect me.

I would hear all types of comments and rude remarks regarding my weight, things that I would unintentionally internalize. Being a smaller woman comes with it’s own set of problems BUT being a skinny black woman in the black community is a whole other fight. In a culture where big butts, breast & hips are placed on a pedestal I was trying to find where I fit in, I was trying to feel confident in my own body. I think people forget that body shaming doesn’t just mean you’re calling someone fat or overweight, body shaming is when you make a comment on someone’s weight, period. Whether it be a comment about someone being fat or skinny NEITHER IS OKAY and both can leave the same effect on someone. If it’s not, ‘Girl, do you even eat?” it’s “You’re soooooo tiny, how do you manage to stay so thin??” and while some people don’t mean much harm others are very intentional with their remarks. Rule of thumb, never comment on someone’s weight…it’s insensitive and it’s rude.

I tried EVERYTHING to gain weight and I mean everything. I watched countless Youtube videos on “How to gain weight fast” and while they did give a plethora of options none of them really worked for me. Not to mention the shit became expensive as hell, but I was so determined to gain some pounds (Ass & hips…judge ya mother) that the money didn’t even bother me. I tried it all from protein smoothies, protein shakes, increasing my caloric intake, Maca root, working out (chile I don’t know how y’all do that workout shit) and the infamous Apetamin. I would not recommend that Apetamin stuff to NO ONE, the side effects were just too much to deal with. I have seen women get great results with it but I refuse to drink that stuff again…but to each its own. I was over doing it trying to become something I simply am not and it wasn’t worth it. When it all balls down to it the most important thing you can do is love yourself no matter how big or small you are, no one is perfect and truth be told no one is ever satisfied. I know women who want to be smaller and women who want to be bigger. Women who want to add a little bit here and take a little bit away there. We’re either stuffing our faces trying to pile on calories or trying multiple diets trying to shed some pounds….there’s always something.

Love yourself just the way you’re, you’re beautiful and if you ever need a reminder I’m here to do just that! I still have my days BUT I snap out of that shit fast, I don’t dwell on it. I was made just the way I am supposed to be and so were you. I’ll leave you with this piece from 2016 I wrote on my tumblr (who else had a tumblr?) tumblr was and still is my favorite Social Media account….

It is never okay to ridicule or make insensitive comments about somebody’s body image. If I had a dollar for every time someone has made comments such as: “wow, do you eat?”, “you’re soooooo skinny”, “where are you gonna put all that food?”, “you should eat more”…..etc I’d literally have enough money to pay off my student loans. Understand that you’re never in a position to make comments on something you know nothing about. It is no different than when someone makes a fat joke and everybody laughs, the shit hurts. I have been living with myself long enough to know that I am a petite woman, I do not need you to remind me of this every chance you get. Just because somebody is different from you doesn’t make them unhealthy and more importantly it doesn’t put you in a position to judge. With age came a thicker skin when it comes to this, however I truly do hate when complete fucking strangers take it upon themselves to voice their opinions. Even after I give them the look of death they still will proceed to ask even more insulting questions. In a generation where fat ass’s, big breast and wide hips are glorified, especially in the black community, it is often frowned upon to be on the skinny side. Luckily, I could give a shit less but when you insult me oh then we will have a problem. Just like it’s not okay to say, “He/she is big as a house” it also isn’t okay to say, “He/she looks like a skeleton”. People need to mind their own business and grow the fuck up, period. Worry about your own grass and why it isn’t growing instead of worrying about why somebody look the way they do. Your rude comments could be the last straw for somebody before they snap on you or even themselves. So next time you decide to take it upon yourself to say something in reference to someone’s body weight do me a favor….don’t.

People will have opinions but you know what they say about those 😉. Don’t let anyone convince you that there is something wrong with you because there isn’t, there’s something wrong with them for believing they can tell you what to do with YOUR body! Healthy lifestyle changes are 100% okay but don’t let society convince you that there is something wrong with you, do it because you want to not because you feel like you have too.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, whatever you do, always do it with style…..and confidence!

Signed, A skinny black girl who eats more than an elephant :).

Xx, Quita

So I’ve got a confession, I’ve been cheating….


If you remember back to last summer when I made a post titled ‘Casually Chic Summer‘ where I wore a slip dress with sneakers, I mentioned in that post how I wanted to get into wearing sneakers; how I’ve had my eye on a couple pairs. Of them these have been my favorite go to sneaker of all time, I have NEVER been a sneaker girl let alone a Jordan wearer but the 1’s have always stood out to me. I think what I like most about them is the sleekness of them, how they can easily be dressed up or down and works either way. The variation of colors is probably my favorite thing about them, over the years they have came in so many different colors from the classic red, white & black ones to the ones I have on, they literally have a ton of color combinations. I knew if was going to spend my coins on a pair of sneakers they had to be perfect, they had to be versatile, they had to be the Jordan 1’s.

I purchased my first pair about three years ago and didn’t purchase another until recently, although I liked the shoe I felt awkward in them LOL only because I am so used to wearing heels that I felt weird in sneakers. In a sense I felt as if I were cheating on my heels with sneakers, hence the title of this post LMAO. I tried to wear them maybe 3 times before I put them back in the box never to be seen again, that is until recently when I started to see them everywhere and remembered the pair I had shoved in the back of my closet. I wasn’t really in love with those so like any shopaholic would do I went online and purchased two new pairs in different colors to start my collection LOL. I was drawn to the boldness of the blue in these and how they could go with a lot of things I own, I’m not really into colors but if I do wear color its something dark for sure!

I don’t know whats gotten into me lately (probably the knees/ankles of a 35 yr old who’s been wearing heels since middle school) but all I’ve been wanting to wear lately is practical shoes, shoes that don’t make my feet hurt and ankles swell. I’ve always loved the whole Sporty Chic style that some girls have down to a science. That effortless, cool girl, sporty look with the right amount of style and a lot of comfort. That’s the direction I was going in with this look. Army fatigue have been having a moment for the last couple of years now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. For this look I went with the grey & black fatigue pants as opposed to the green ones everybody own (myself included). I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t throw a little glam into the mix, the faux fur I’ve had for awhile now & will continue to wear it until its worn out. Faux fur has got to be my favorite style coat to wear during the winter months, there was a time when I hated coats for the simple fact that they were big and bulky and hid my outfit LOL….however, I’ve had a change of heart. Now I’ll buy the most elaborate coat in the store just to make a subtle statement, the coat is like the appetizer while the outfit is the main course LMAO!

While I’ll always be a heels girl at heart I think its cool to switch things up from time to time, incorporating sneakers into my wardrobe was definitely a much needed change. I’ve noticed a lot of Fashion bloggers and street style stars have wearing sneakers with everything from skirts and jeans to ball gowns and suits, especially during NYFW, which I 100% stan! I cannot imagine running around for hours on end from show to show in 6 inch heels, that literally sounds like torture. Now don’t go and get all excited because this doesn’t cancel out heels all together for me, absolutely fucking not lol. There’s nothing sexier than a nice pair of pumps or thigh high boots (which both happen to be my favorite type of heel) BUT every now and again wearing a pair of sneakers is definitely clutch. I don’t even know who I am right now lol I think my main issue with wearing them often is my actual style, I’m the girl who’s 9 times out of 10 gonna over dress by nature…it’s really just who I am. Trying to make a sneaker work with a chic/glam outfit can sometimes become a little tricky but I’m up for the challenge. Do you have a go to comfortable shoe? Sneaker? I think I’ve found mine….*Goes and buy them in every color because that’s just who I am* LOL

Thanks for stopping by and remember, whatever you do, always do it with style.

Xx, Quita

Boyfriend jeans styled 3 different ways…


If I’m being completely honest jeans are probably my least favorite thing to wear…I know, I know, it’s weird right? But, it’s so true. I don’t know what it is but they’re so uncomfortable to me, it could be because I have trouble finding the perfect fit but they’re normally the last article of clothing I reach for when planning an outfit. If I must wear them I almost always choose a more relaxed boyfriend style, they’re my absolute favorite type of jeans. I currently own about 8 pairs and counting, although I’m sure that number will increase pretty soon lol. I prefer mine to be a little worn in and distressed so I usually always wear my oldest pair. I’ve owned this pair for almost a year now and have worn them multiple times in multiple ways. Of all the ones I own these are probably my favorite, I purchased them from H&M which is normally where I get most of my jeans. Comfortable is an understatement when it come to these, they get better and better with every wash. For this look I chose to pair them with a band tee and a blazer for that edgy cool girl look. Topped it off with a fedora and some Chucks and the look was basically complete. Another thing I’m completely in love with is Band Tee’s…I’ve lost count of how many I have at this point. If I could I’d wear a band tee and baggy jeans damn near everyday, it’s definitely my kind of vibe.First Look: Edgy

With the temperatures finally starting to cool down we’re right in the last days of summer, as a result your wardrobe definitely starts to change. I like to refer to this time of year as the “transition phase” simply because while Fall is near the temperatures doesn’t always reflect that right away. Sometimes it could possibly still be pretty warm/hot well into September, naming Fall the season for layering. I’ll admit I’ve never been the best at layering but I’ve always loved a good layered look. I remember back when the Olsen twins were big in the early 2000’s and they had that whole homeless lady chic look down to a science! I loveeedddddd it, I was walking around with a whole bunch of shit on trying my best to mimic an Olsen twin lol!

Although there’s not a whole lot of layering going on in this look it still gave me that boho chic kinda vibe, I think it has a lot to do with the long flowy top paired with the baggy distressed denim. That’s what I liked most about this outfit, the juxtaposition of the soft dainty top with the oversized ripped up bottoms. I threw on my jean jacket to kinda give it a little more dimension and viola! I had to refrain from adding more layers to this look because it was so hot and humid on this day, in the back of my mind I was thinking channel your inner Mary-Kate Olsen but in reality I was hot as fuck, lol.Second look: Chic

Now I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t throw a little sexy/glam in the mix…one thing I can say about my personal style is that it cannot be easily defined. I’m a moody person by nature (blame my moon/sun sign: Cancer) but my moodiness definitely plays a role when it comes to my sense of style. Depending on how I’m feeling that day you could very well see me out in sweats and a baseball hat OR 6 inch heels, faux fur, large dark sunnies and some sort of dress…it really all just depends on how I’m feeling that day or who I’m going to see…Lol. On this particular day I was feeling a little spicy, lol.

Although I prefer my blazers to be bigger than my actual size for these jeans the fit of this blazer worked, to balance out the bagginess on the bottom I kept it fitted on top. Disclaimer: I actually hate this blazer I feel so stuffed whenever I wear it lol I can barely fit anything underneath it (including my stomach after I’ve ate 😂) and still have room to button it up…AND it only has one button which drives me insane. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect fit black blazer for YEARS now and have yet to come across one I’m completely in love with. I purchased this one last year from H&M and will probably give it away smh I just can’t. I did order yet another one recently and fingers crossed it will fit how I want it to. That’s always been the downside to online shopping; you can’t try shit on.I’ve been crushing on the Celine pillow bag this season but definitely not the price tag, so in true Marquita style I found a more affordable version. I found this one on Forever 21 and didn’t hesitate on buying it, I can’t remember what I paid exactly but I do remember it was on sale and under $20…stick with me guys I can make your buck stretch! These mules will be going with me right into Fall, they’re currently my favorite sandal of the moment. I’ve never been that girl who wore my toes out during the Fall but I’m feeling a little frisky this season…lol. Obviously I won’t be wearing sandals in the snow but in the early Fall I’m thinking, why not? I love how the material is some type of stretchy fabric making them easier to walk in. Look #3: Sexy

Making the most out of the pieces you already own is major key, I’m always so tempted to buy new stuff every year but that’s not always a boss move. Besides if you have true style you can totally revamp your wardrobe with a few small adjustments. Make your wardrobe work for you, not the other way around. So, which look was your fave?? I like them all but the first one is definitely my favorite, what can I say….I’m really just a cool edgy girl at heart lol. Let me know down below which one you’d recreate and if you don’t already you should get yourself a pair(s) of boyfriend jeans ASAP, you definitely won’t regret it! Thanks for stopping by and remember, whatever you do, always do it with style.

Xx, Quita

Creating your own lane


When I finally decided to start my blog I brainstormed for awhile all the things I wanted to incorporate into it to make it true to me. What parts of myself should I include to differentiate this blog from all the others? This, for awhile, had me stumped…not because I didn’t know what I wanted to say but I didn’t know how much to share. We’re all multifaceted people with so many different sides and perspectives…it finally hit me that the secret ingredient was me. Not a single soul can do me better than I can and the same goes for everyone else. I think we get so caught up with how will we stand out that we forget that being yourself is simply enough, authenticity is always in style. I’m not a flower girl, at all, but sunflowers have held a special place in my heart for some time now. There’s something so bright and cheerful about having them around. Since I’m always struggling with hand placement during my shoots…I decided to add them to these photos for aesthetic purposes and for something to do with my hands lol. One thing I was 100% certain of was that I didn’t want this to just be a blog where I post pretty outfit photos and that’s it. I wanted to create a space where I could be myself freely, without limitations and judgement. I know there will be some people who judge regardless, and that’s not my problem, but I didn’t want to limit myself because of that. Yes, this is primarily a fashion blog but it’s important to me to still be able to have real conversations while connecting with my readers. I wanted to be able to write and be relatable all while looking fly.

Speaking of real lets talk about these little Debbie back rolls 🤦🏽‍♀️idk if it was the top or the way I was positioned but yeah… there they’re. I don’t know how to edit out back rolls so y’all gonna get them today lol. Real ass bish give a fuck about a back roll ( In my City Girls voice)

Lately I’ve become a big fan of A-Line skirts, with them being so comfortable and versatile there’s not much to dislike. The length has got to be my favorite thing about them, they’re not to long or short making them the perfect all occasions skirt. Me standing at 5 2′ definitely can appreciate a skirt that compliments my height. Long skirts can be such a hassle when they’re constantly dragging on the ground while short skirts are altogether a headache…both styles are cute but for a more relaxed fit I go with the A-Line style. This skirt in particular is so comfy and chic, the material is so lightweight making it the perfect skirt for the summer heat. I purchased both the skirt and bodysuit from Forever 21, prior to this I hadn’t shopped there in nearly a year. For me Forever 21 is either hit or miss, this time around definitely a hit but I’ve had enough misses to last a while lol. Style Tip: Do not buy their jeans, ever….Thank me later 😉. Forever 21 is one of those quick fashion places but good quality items are sometimes hard to come by. The bodysuit is super comfy and the material is a dream, I already want to rewear it again with some type of denim. It’s a little revealing while exposing lots of side boob but side boob ain’t never hurt nobody! That is if you’re apart of the B-cup crew lol otherwise I’d advise against it.

Being a creative can sometimes be mentally exhausting, there’s always an idea for something constantly running through my mind. Always trying to come up with new ways to create content while staying true to myself. It’s gotten to the point where sometimes I feel like I may go crazy if I don’t get these ideas out, even if it’s just jotting it down on a piece of paper so I don’t forget. Creative tip: When something comes to mind write it down as soon as you can, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve come up with ideas and totally forgot them by the time I thought about it later. I hate that! My notes in my phone are filled with ideas, I can always refer back to them when I’m in a creative block. In this creative field I think it’s so important to remember why you started and remain grounded, everyday won’t be a good one. Some days you’ll get a lot of views some days you’ll get two, it’s just the way things are. You’ll come to a couple bumps in the road but nothing you can’t get over. The good part about staying in your lane is there’s no traffic, so you can move at your own pace; stay consistent but don’t rush. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with the speed limit because there is none, you determine how slow or fast you’ll go. I’ve found quality over quantity to be the best strategy when it comes to blogging. This week I posted two posts, it maybe awhile before that happens again lol but my point is this is my space, my pace. Don’t let the internet rush you, there’s nothing worse then promoting crappy content just to keep up with the Jonses. I know I haven’t been doing this long but I do appreciate the ones who do read it and even message me complimenting me, y’all the shit! Some people will support you others will pretend they don’t see you, either way keep doing your thing. Hard work and consistency always pays off in the end, it’s your lane, let them catch up eventually. Thanks for stopping by and remember, whatever you do, always do it with style.

Xx, Quita

Spring Cleaning


With every new season I always adjust my wardrobe to make sense with the current temperatures. In the Summer I pull out my shorts and tanks while in the Winter I pull out my coats and boats, as I’m sure most of you do as well. Three weeks into Spring I’ve found myself more concerned with adjusting my surroundings than I am my wardrobe. As I mentioned in a previous post, I didn’t plan on buying much this spring which gave me the opportunity to be more creative with the items I already own and more time to focus on cleaning up the things around me. I say that phrase in a figuratively way.

The phrase Spring Cleaning have always been something we hear around this time of year to mean exactly what it says, to clean up. Often times it’s associated with cleaning your home and doing things around the house. Dust the counters, clean the floors, wash the dishes, wash the clothes and take out the trash. But what about your mental home? Your spiritual home? Your emotional home? I think we can apply this to our lives as well. This year for me personally I took it and applied it to my personal life, there were some things & people that definitely needed to be sorted out. We all get so caught up in our daily routines that we often times forget to stop and actually evaluate our surroundings, ask ourselves if what we’re doing, saying and participating in actually doing us any good? Are we happy? Are the people around us adding to our lives or draining the shit out of us? Are they even good people? I stopped and asked myself a list of questions and got the answers I had been ignoring.

I think its important to do inventory on the people and things we’re allowing to stick around in our space. Some people don’t mean us any good while others just stick around to have a front row seat to your life. You can usually spot out the rotten apples in your space, for me my intuition is always spot on! There’s been so many times where I ignored my intuition just to learn that I wasn’t crazy all along. People will reveal their selves in time and most of the time you already knew how they were. In such cases you know what to do, time to get them scissors out lol its always cutting season and this goes with anyone or anything. The longer you let something linger the harder it’ll be to let it/them go. Under no circumstances should you allow someone or something to stick around and disturb your peace, your peace of mind should always be your top priority. Many times we give people the benefit of the doubt because we love or care about them and a lot of time they show us exactly why we shouldn’t had. Get rid of all the things not serving you, period. Clean your contacts list, your IG feed, your Facebook friends, start to say “No” when you don’t want to do something, get some new books to read, get some sage, clean your home, de-clutter your closet, buy a journal, start a new healthy hobby, do whatever you can think of that will serve your highest good and leave the rest behind. Life is to short to deal with anything less. Be intentional with your time, energy, space & life…make sure the things you allow are all in tune with the type of life you can live peacefully in.

Now I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t serve you some Spring style along with some Spring cleaning lol. As I stated before life is to short to deal with any negative energy and its also to short to wear boring clothes…which leads me to this lime green turtle neck dress. If you guys read my posts you already know I am not a fan of color, especially bright colors. Neon green has literally been all over social media, The blogs, in stores, online sites etc it is definitely the color of the season. It’s currently trending in a big way making it close to impossible to ignore. I’ll admit I have given in and this dress was the perfect way to get my feet wet lol. I’ve always been a fan of these style dresses but always steered away from them because of the way they fit. I am a petite woman so any garment with absolutely no shape would easily lose my entire frame. With that I decided to put on a belt to help cinch the waist and create a shape, otherwise I probably wouldn’t had worn this at all. Another trending item right now is the plastic handbag, shoes and accessories. This bag in particular I’ve seen on several of my favorite bloggers and fashionista’s, after searching the web for one I became discouraged when I saw the prices they were going for. Uuummmm $200.00 plus was a bit much for a plastic bag, I mean I couldn’t understand why a hard, plastic, see through bag would cost that much. Maybe it’s me, I don’t know, but what I did know was that I wouldn’t be purchasing one for that price lol. Boohoo held me down though, as always they had several of them on their site for way less than half of the price of other retailers…Boohoo is definitely clutch. I am in head to toe Boohoo in this look, (i’m sure no one’s shocked lol) I’ve had these snake print booties since Fall and never had them on. They’re surprisingly comfortable and super easy to walk in, they’ll be making several more appearances before summer starts.

Spring is in full swing and I have been trying to enjoy this random ass weather; I don’t know about where you live but here in Baltimore there hasn’t been much sun AT ALL, not even a Spring thunderstorm (which I am a huge fan of). Just back to back sunless gloomy days. How are you guys enjoying Spring so far? Have you done any Spring cleaning? Both literally & figuratively? I sure as hell have & I couldn’t feel better! Remember to keep your space, energy & wardrobe in tip top shape and get rid of anything you no longer need. Thanks for stopping by and as always whatever you do, do it with style.

Xx, Quita

Spring…is that you?


Who else feels like the start of a new season is the perfect time to press reset?Specifically for me, Fall & Spring has always given me that, New season, new start kinda feeling. When Fall starts we’re fresh off of Summer and the weather starts to make drastic changes, in contrast, when Spring starts the days get longer, the sun shines harder and my overall mood is just better! Spring is blossoming season, all the things I’ve been watering all Winter finally starts to flourish.

I work 10+ hrs a day, when I go into work it’s dark and when I leave it’s also dark😩that is definitely a mood killer! About two weeks ago I looked up around 4:30 and saw that it was still sunlight outside, I knew Spring had to be on the horizon lol. If you know me you know I’m not big on colors, I prefer black and neutrals over anything else. Spring have always been the season for color, the time of the year to bring out your brights and put away your dark’s. I will never not wear black, I don’t care if it’s 90 degrees outside lol…Will I be in all black? Umm absolutely not, however, I am not against wearing something black. What can I say, black is mysterious, sexy and chic…it’s basically me in a color.

I challenged myself not to buy anything new this Spring, as I have tons of clothes already. I think it is 100% possible to recreate several different looks with items you already own. I was that girl who would run to my computer in the upcoming weeks of every new season and buy all new shit….not this time around. Well, with the exception of Fall, Fall is my baby and Fall will get new items every year…..period lol. I found these vintage Buffalo Exchange yellow pants in a bag of clothes I had neglected years ago, the bag had so many gems in it! I couldn’t believe I let these pants collect dust for so long. This blazer I remember purchasing a few years ago from H&M and loved the structure of it. I usually don’t go for shoulder pads because they can sometimes look big and bulky on my frame…however this did the complete opposite, it gave the blazer a shape and I fell in love with the fit.

I’m definitely looking forward to the comfortable temperatures and extended sunshine in the upcoming weeks. The sunshine does something to my spirit, it generally makes me feel lighter and happier and not to mention melanin loves the sun! I’m not completely mad at wearing yellow either, I think it may have potential to be my color of the season. I’ve been curating outfits in my head for the past couple of weeks and cannot wait to actually incorporate small doses of color into my wardrobe. You know it’s spring when I talk about wearing color lol. Happy spring guys! Thanks for stopping by and as always whatever you do, do it with style.Xx, Quita

Never mind, I changed my mind…


Who rememberers being a teenager and counting down the days, hours and seconds until their 18th birthday, that glorious day where you were legally considered an adult? We went through our teenage years wishing for freedom, the right to make our own decisions and the day where we could officially move out. I clearly remember purposely applying to colleges out of state just so that I could get away, my first time being on my own was my freshman year and boy what an experience lol. Post college life and straight into adulthood made me stop and think, Is this really what I was rushing into? How come nobody warned me that being an adult is no walk in the park??….never mind, I change my mind. I don’t wanna be an adult anymore . Lol

Looking at all the adults around me doing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted was so intriguing to me, I couldn’t wait to grow up and do the same. Now at 34 I wish I were a kid again at least 10 times a day and that’s on a good day lol. One of the things I enjoyed the most as a child was playing dress up (not much has changed in that respect) I would get all dressed up in my play clothes and put on a show! Yes I was that kid in the grocery store with a tutu, princess crown, soccer cleats & a sweatshirt on lmao, I’ve always expressed myself through my choice of clothing. One item in particular I would always gravitate toward was a skirt, I was insanely obsessed with skirts. I wore them every chance I got and when I was forced to put on pants I certainly would throw a hissy fit.

This black and white pleated skirt I’m wearing in this post was purchased from Forever 21 about three years ago. I was drawn to it because of the style & length, it was giving me school girl vibes with a twist. I’ve only worn it twice prior to this and each time I did I wore it with heels. Now I am by no means a sneaker girl (at all) but lately I’ve honestly been opting for comfort. This skirt in particular I always did want to do a sporty chic type of look with some sneakers. Adidas shell heads are definitely a classic shoe and will definitely be “In” for a very long time. I remember the first pair I ever got was back in middle school, they were pink and white and I was completely in love with them. At one point in my life pink was my absolute favorite color, everything I wore was pink, donning me the nickname “pink”. Today you would probably never catch me in pink, it’s definitely one of my least favorite colors.

I’ve been wanting to give sneakers a chance for a long time now but always end up in a pair of heels lol. I do own a few pair however I hardly ever wear them. These are actually not that comfortable to me, I can do about 2 good hours in them before I’m taking them off. Because the length of this skirt is almost ankle length I decided to go a little sexy on top. This lace teddy is one of many I own, I was thrilled when they became acceptable to wear during the day. The subtle hint of sexiness balances out the long pleated skirt perfectly. Small, stackable, dainty necklaces are definitely having a moment and I am here for it. I’m not a big fan of gaudy jewelry but these and my name necklace go with me everywhere I go. Ever since I saw Carrie Bradshaw with one on in “Sex and The City” I had to have one, I wear mine all the time.

Gone are the days of wearing skirts, sneakers and princess crowns everyday and it being totally acceptable lol. Now I’m in scrubs 95% of the time and the other 5% I’m in sweats and a face mask. Being able to make my own decisions, provide and take care of myself is an amazing feeling but sometimes I wish I could go back to that bubbly little girl with the big brown eyes and even bigger imagination…twirling around in skirts all day. Adulting is hard af man lol we all wanted to be grown ups so bad now look at us…exhausted, wishing we could take nap breaks at work and go into time out periodically throughout the day lol. On a lighter note Spring is literally a few days away and I can’t wait! It’s not my favorite but it’s not Winter either, so I’ll take it! How are you guys preparing for Spring? Me? I’ll probably just finally buy an umbrella for all the rain I’m sure we’ll be getting *crying laughing emoji*. Thanks for stopping by by and as always whatever you do, do it with style.

Xx, Quita